Where are you our Angular developer?

Iguan Systems

13/1 Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan

Վերջնաժամկետ՝ 2021-05-16

Job Description

We are currently searching for super talented and enthusiastic Angular developers with 1+ year of practical experience in the field.

Along with your proper educational background and tech expertise you should have the following skills and traits:

▪️ Solid understanding of responsive web development and service oriented architecture

▪️ Ability to write clean, bug free and maintainable codes,

▪️ Knowledge of Git or other version control,

▪️ Problem solving and analytical mindset,

▪️ Ability to adapt quickly to learn new tools, new technologies and current industry standards,

▪️ Team working and collaborative spirit

If you’re open to new opportunities and challenges feel free to send your CV to hr@iguansystems.com and let our adventurous collaboration starts!


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