Front-End Developer


Վերջնաժամկետ՝ 2021-03-29

Job Description

Preferred Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in Design or related fields

•1+ years of experience developing ReactJS Applications

• GraphQl, NodeJs, Express, AWS

• Proficiency in English

Job Responsibilities

• Develop ReactJS User Interfaces based on AdobeXD designs

• Research tools and methodologies in enhance the front-end stack of the company

• Maintain and update existing React Applications

• Participate in team meetings

• Perform well under tight deadlines and in a fast-paced environment

• Work in a team alongside with other designers, architects and programmers

• Occasionally maintain and help develop WordPress sites

• Participate in client meeting to discuss project designs

• Presentations

Required qualifications

• Minimum 1-year ReactJS and Redux professional experience

• Proficiency in Redux

• Excellent knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript ES6, SCSS/CSS3

• Solid understanding of the DOM

• Familiarity with NodeJS, Git, Google Drive

• Strong knowledge of web technologies including the http protocol and REST pattern

• SEO aware design

• Working knowledge of Jira, or similar task management software

• Ability to work independently

• Strong problem solving

• Dedication to standards and procedures

• Ability to follow instructions

• Honesty

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Ability to work in groups

• Passionate about Software technologies

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